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    Lawsuit Funding Gets You the Cash You Need.Repay Only if you Win Your Case.

When Times Are Hard, Lawsuit Funding, Pre Settlement Funding and Post Settlement Funding Can Get You the Money You Need Fast

Unfortunately, lawsuits in this country can take years to proceed. Even if you win your case, you may not be paid on your lawsuit for six months, a year or longer. The insurance companies (who represent the defendants) know this and use your financial difficulties as leverage to settle cases prematurely for a lower amount. If you are in financial distress, you cannot afford to wait years to receive the money you are entitled to.

Lawsuit funding is a solution that can help you get the money you need now, enable you to pursue your lawsuit, you only repay the funds if you win your case.

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Get Started with No Application Fee and No Monthly Fee

Unlike others, we charge no up-front application fee and no monthly maintenance fee. You only repay funds for your lawsuit funding when you receive a favorable outcome in your case.

Lawsuit Loan Versus Lawsuit Funding

Many people search for a lawsuit loans. However, loan are not made against a lawsuit. A loan must be repaid regardless of the outcome. What we are offering is not a lawsuit loans but lawsuit funding.

The distinction here is important. With lawsuit funding, we are only repaid upon the successful outcome of your case.

With a lawsuit loans, your lawsuit loan would need to be repaid whether you win your case or not. Strongly consider the implications of this. If you were to borrow money upfront for a lawsuit loans and then lose your case, how would you pay back the money?
With our lawsuit funding (also known as litigation funding) the repayment of the funding is through the proceeds of the successful outcome (meaning, it is only paid if you win or settle your case).

Lawsuit Funding Is Available for a Wide Range of Cases

Through our many funding sources, we are able to offer lawsuit funding for a wide variety of lawsuits including:

  • car accidents, truck accidents and SUV accidents
  • slip and fall cases where someone has been injured
  • construction negligence and other on-the-job injuries
  • workers compensation claims
  • premises injuries and other injuries in stores, restaurants, offices, homes, public areas and more
  • medical malpractice lawsuits
  • labor law cases including discrimination, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime and other lawsuits

Help Yourself Today through Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit funding is not intended for vacations, holiday gifts or luxury cars. Rather, it is issued when you have real justifiable need, such as funds to pay rent, the mortgage, medical bills, and every day living expenses. As we said before, if you have alternate ways to find money, we recommend you consider those first. That said, being able to receive money now against the case that may not resolve for six months, a year or years in the future, may be a great option.

There is no personal risk or liability attached to this like there is with a traditional loan. Lawsuit funding attaches to the lawsuit itself as a lien on the case. When the case wins or reaches a settlement, at that point funding is repaid. If you do not win, you pay nothing.

Apply for Pre-Approval with Our Easy Application

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    Funding Is Available from $1000-$1 Million or More

    With our network of experienced and deeply funded sources, we are able to help all sorts of people looking for funding. The terms and amount charged upon repayment vary based on the quality of the case, the amount needed and the projected time for the case to resolve. However, let us say this up front. This is not “cheap money”. If you have other ways to borrow money or receive funding, such as a personal loan or credit card, you should consider that option first. Because the high risk on the funding companies whose repayment is conditioned upon you successfully winning the case, the final costs may be higher.

    To be clear, if you lose your case, you do not have to repay the money advanced.

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