Discrimination Claims

Lawsuit Funding is Available for Discrimination Cases

Discrimination lawsuits vary. They are often cases that involve discrimination in the workplace such as harassment or wrongful termination. Other times, cases are related to discrimination by businesses or public servants. We hear cases every day of people being harassed or treated unfairly based on factors like gender, race, religion, age and more. Although discrimination in the workplace and many other situations is illegal, it continues to be a very real problem as evidenced by a large number of cases in our court system.

Employment and other discrimination cases can take years and years to litigate. Especially if the defendant being accused of the discriminatory behavior is a large corporation. Large companies and even small ones know that the complexities and discomfort of litigating a discrimination case put them in a good position. A plaintiff who has suffered discrimination and filed a lawsuit has a lot of incentive to settle quickly and for far less than he or she usually deserves. Typically, a plaintiff in such a case simply cannot afford to see a case through to the end, even if they are reasonably certain they will be awarded a large sum of money.

If you are the victim of discrimination and have a pending case or claim, you are likely feeling the financial pressures that a lengthy litigation can place on a person. You may have lost your job or been forced to quit and you may be experiencing emotional trauma or other injuries that make it difficult for you to earn a living. Are your bills are piling up? Do you feel pressure to settle your case long before you should just so you can get something to hold you over? You can try to get a bank loan but perhaps you are not a good candidate. You don’t want to go further into credit card debt. Consider lawsuit funding for discrimination lawsuits when you need a new option.

How Does Lawsuit Funding Help Plaintiffs in Discrimination Cases?

Lawsuit funding helps by providing plaintiffs like you a cash advance now that gets repaid when your case is resolved. You can use the money to pay your mortgage, your electric bill or your student loans. The advance is yours for whatever you need, but we don’t suggest using it for anything frivolous like a vacation.

Lawsuit funding is different from a traditional loan. Traditional loans require that you repay the money no matter what happens down the road. You pay or you risk huge penalties. With litigation funding, however, advances only get repaid if you win your case. If you don’t win, you are under no obligation to repay the money. It is this simple.

Qualify Based on Your Case not Credit History

You may be asking yourself, “what if I have bad credit?” The answer? It doesn’t matter. Lawsuit funding focuses on your case only- not your credit worthiness. Because our decision to provide litigation funding is based on the facts of your discrimination case, having bad credit is not a problem. Since we only get paid if you win, we care about the merits of your case. The more substantial and potentially successful your case, the greater the advance you may be eligible to receive. We just need to evaluate the specifics of your claim in order to make our determination. We don’t need any details about your credit or income history.

How Much Funding is Available?

We most commonly fund between $1000 and $25,000 but funds are available up to $1 million. Think about how a cash advance now can keep you afloat while you await the resolution of your case. Litigation funding like this can relieve some of the financial burdens you might be experiencing from being out of work or otherwise losing income while incurring debt. Large corporations are notorious for dragging their feet in an effort to force a low settlement-they know that many plaintiffs can’t make ends meet during a long case.   Lawsuit funding may provide a cushion for you and prevent you from accepting a low settlement offer out of desperation.

We can provide lawsuit funding when your finances can’t wait another minute for your pending discrimination case to resolve or even when you are waiting for the decision on an appeal. If you have already settled your case and just can’t wait for the check to arrive, we can offer some relief as well.

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