Benefits of Funding

What Are the Benefits of Lawsuit Funding?

Often times after an accident, discriminatory act or other event, a person can be left financially damaged or destitute. Bills continue to pile on without any way to stay afloat. Taxes, rent, utilities, food bills and creditors make demands every month. Lawsuit funding may be your answer.
Lawsuit funding and pre-settlement funding offer people the opportunity to receive money today in exchange for payment from the proceeds of their successful litigation case or settlement. Acting as a lien on the case, the lawsuit funding is repaid when your attorney receives funds from the other party.

Unlike a traditional loan, you are not promising repayment. Instead, it is only repaid from successful recovery on the case, either from a favorable judgment or settlement. If you lose the case, you repay nothing and keep the money you have been advanced.

Lawsuit Funding Is Not a Lawsuit Loan

While many search for a lawsuit loan, a loan requires repayment by the individual regardless of how the case comes out. Lawsuit funding, on the other hand, is repaid if you win or succeed in your case.

Your Credit and Financial Situation Are Not Factors in Lawsuit Funding

Unlike a traditional loan that focuses on your income and your credit to determine whether you can pay it back, lawsuit funding focuses on the quality and timing of your case. If you have a strong case, you may qualify to receive more funds. The risk is taken by the funding company not against your credit, but against the lawsuit itself. In other words, if you have bad credit, no job, no income and no assets, you can still qualify for lawsuit funding. Again, it is based on your lawsuit, not your personal financial situation.

Lawsuit Funding Also Allows You to Pursue Your Case

Often times, insurance companies will offer lower settlements because they know that you are financially challenged and cannot wait for the outcome of your lawsuit. They often rely on this tactic to make higher profit. Through lawsuit funding, you can obtain funding for your lawsuit, allowing you to pay your bills and giving you the breathing room to continue to pursue your case. Rather than taking a low-ball settlement because you are financially strapped, you can continue to pursue a more favorable settlement or outcome for your case.

Settlement Funding and Lawsuit Funding Can Provide Cash Quickly

If your case is accepted, the funds you receive may be used for any purpose. People often use them for medical bills, rehabilitation, living expenses and more while they recover from their accident or injury. You may be able to receive this money longbefore you would ever see a dime from the court system and a protracted case. If you cannot afford to wait years to receive money, lawsuit funding (or settlement funding) may be a way to help you deal with increasing debt and expenses.

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