Do You and Your Family Need Lawsuit Funding?

Do You and Your Family Need Financial Help? Lawsuit Funding May Be the Answer.

Is Your Family Struggling Because of an Accident?

Car accidents or other injuries could result in serious problems for both the individual and the family. What if the person injured is the “breadwinner”? What if the person injured requires medical attention and special care that insurance does not pay for? What if special accommodations need to be built in the house to care for that person?
Personal injury lawsuits help people recover compensation for their injuries, but the reality is that recovery can take six months, a year, three years, six years or even longer depending on your case and your jurisdiction. Insurance companies make sure that cases move slowly so that they can force settlements at a lower price. Remember, they make their money by charging premiums and paying out as little as possible on their claims. If you have a lawsuit against someone insured, you are now one of those claims and they want to make sure that you receive as little as possible.

Support Your Family through Lawsuit Funding

Using lawsuit funding, you are able to receive funding today that can be used to pay your expenses now. Your lawsuit may not resolve for years, but that does not mean that you have to wait years to see any portion of the money. Through this type of funding, your family can receive money quickly and continue to survive as your court case lingers.

In fact, if you have already reached a settlement, you can still receive lawsuit funding. Even though a case is settled, payment may not actually take place for months and months. During that time, what happens if the other party files for bankruptcy? Does your settlement become worthless? By obtaining funding now, you lock in a portion of the recovery today, and is only repaid in the future when the other side pays that settlement.

Remember, with lawsuit funding, you only repay when you get paid. If you lose the case or the settlement is not paid, you are under no obligation to repay the funding.

Get Maximum Value from Your Lawsuit

One of the strategies used by insurance companies is to drag out the case. They know that as they force you to wait, you may become more desperate and settle for a lower amount. By providing yourself with lawsuit funding, you take the power away from the insurance company and enable yourself to pursue your case and potentially achieve a higher result.

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