Wrongful Death Cases Funding

Lawsuit Funding Is Available for Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death cases are tragic and often leave families with severe financial problems. Was the person lost the primary caregiver?  Were other people injured as well who now need medical attention or have other expenses?  Whatever the issue, lawsuit funding may be the answer.

What Is Lawsuit Funding?

With lawsuit funding, you receive an advance against the proceeds of your case. A lawsuit can take years and years to resolve, and you may not be able to wait that long to receive money. With lawsuit funding, you receive a portion of the money now to be repaid from the proceeds when that case succeeds. If that case loses, nothing needs to be repaid.

Who Can Lawsuit Funding Help?

After the death of a loved one, there can be many complications – including financial.  A lawsuit pending may not resolve for years. Even if a settlement has been reached, you might not be paid for three, six or 12 months. You also run the risk that the person who owns you the settlement files bankruptcy. For all these people, lawsuit funding may be the answer.

With lawsuit funding, somebody with a meritorious claim may be able to receive an advance against the proceeds of the lawsuit. This is not a personal loan. You are not personally responsible for repaying it. The repayment is from the proceeds of the case. If you win your litigation case, or reach a positive settlement that is paid, the lawsuit funding is then repaid. If your case does not win, you do not repay the funds and the funds that you have received are yours to keep.

What Is the Process for Funding in a Wrongful Death Case?

If you or your family have a wrongful death case pending, you may be eligible for lawsuit funding. First, fill out a form on this page to submit basic information for review.  A Funding expert will contact you for additional information learn more about the case. Whether funding is available and how much funding is available are based on the case itself and not your personal credit, income or employment status.
Once a preliminary assessment is made, we will provide you with the funding application. This will ask for additional details. Your lawyer can provide the information required. Once received, the experts make a decision quickly and will contact you with the decision. If you wish to proceed forward, paperwork will be sent to your attorney. You need to sign a document and your attorney needs to sign an acknowledgment that the case has been funded and a lien has been placed against the proceeds of the case.  Once the documents are returned to us, funding can be dispersed within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) via wire transfer overnight check.

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How Much Can You Receive?

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